Trust Documents

Financial Statements

Independent Auditor’s Report – June 30_2016

CliftonLarsonAllen LLP’s report of the 2016Trust financial statements and documents


Independent Auditors’ Report—June 30 2015


Independent Auditors’ Report—June 30 2014


Independent Auditors’ Report—June 30 2013


Independent Auditors’ Report—June 30 2012


Independent Auditors’ Report—June 30 2011


Legal Documents

FY2014—FY2014 Annual Statement Summary


Form 5500—FY2014


Form 5500—FY2013


Notice of Privacy Practices—April 1, 2015

Know your privacy rights under HIPAA.


Amendment for the 2015 Plan Year—Amendment No. 2


Resolutions for the 2015 Plan Year—June 16, 2014


Amendment for the 2015 Plan Year—Amendment No. 6


Resolutions for the 2014 Plan Year—June 17, 2013

The Trustees adopted the latest amendments; extended contracts with Aon Hewitt, ASI Software, Inc., CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP, Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLC; Digifit, Inc., Health Alliance Management, Inc., Harrington Health Services, Kaiser, Mercer, Michael Conti Productions LLC, Tool Stuidos, and United Medical Alliance; and authorized the move from CIGNA to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as a third-party health plan administrator.


Amendments for the 2014 Plan Year—June 17, 2013

This amendment added two seats to the board of trustees, provided broader language for civil unions, redefined what constitutes a quorum and more.


Todd Saliman Appointed Trustee—Aug. 20, 2012

The Trust names Todd Saliman, chief financial officer at the University of Colorado, its newest trustee.


Trust Agreement—July 1, 2012

The agreement lays out overarching principles and guidelines, including definitions for commonly used terms, appointing trustees and their successors, trustee responsibilities, allocating funds to the Trust, administering benefits and how to terminate the Trust.


Tax-Exempt Confirmation—Aug. 29, 2011

The IRS confirms the Trust’s status as a federal income tax-exempt organization.


Meeting Announcement—May 13, 2011

The Trust announces a public meeting to be held on Monday, May 16.


Special Meeting Announcement—April 20, 2011

The Trust announces a special, public meeting for Thursday, April 21, 2011.


Tax-Exempt Status—July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011

The Trust filed a 990 form with the IRS asking to be exempt from income tax.


Banking Policy—June 29, 2010

The Trust’s brief banking policy gives the treasurer authority to manage its assets.


Bylaws—June 29, 2010

The Trust provides general guidelines that govern its operations.


Trust Committee Resolutions—June 29, 2010

Committee members pass various resolutions that set up administrative rights and empower various entities to operate specific functions for the Trust.


Temporary Tax-Exempt Status—June 28 – 30, 2010

The Trust filed for tax-exempt status for June 28, 29 and 30 using the IRS’ 990-EZ form.


Trust Insurance—June 22, 2010

St Paul Travelers insurance provides documentation of its liability coverage of the Trust.


UPI Resolution—April 20, 2010

The Trust is fully established to fund plans beginning July 1, 2010.


CU’s Board of Regents Financial Resolutions—April 12 – June 17, 2010

Through various meetings and communications, the Regents agree to appointees to the trust, including trustees and a treasurer.


Form 5500 filed FY2016


Combined 1557 Statement and Top 15 CO Taglines


Form 5500—FY2015


FY18 Trust Resolutions – Signed


2017 06-26 Amendment No. Three to HIPAA Security Policy – Signed


2017 06-26 Amendment No. Three to HIPAA Privacy Policy – Signed


Flex Plan 2nd Amendment


CU Health and Welfare Plan Amendment 5


CU Health and Welfare Plan Amendment 4


2013 CUHWT Plan


2013 Plan Amendment 1


2013 Plan Amendment 2


2013 Plan Amendment 3


Requests for Documented Quotes

2017 Auditing Services Request for Documented Quotes


ASO Audit Replies


University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust Standard Provisions


Blank BAA for RFP FY19


Benefit Management and Wellness Program Portal RFP Background Information


Benefit Management and Wellness Program Portal RFP Questionnaire


2017 Request For Proposal Cover Sheet



Plan Documents



2015 Notice of Privacy Practices


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