Be Colorado Move.

Be Colorado Move. is an incentive program that lets you earn cash for being active.

The program helps users track physical activity through their smart phones or activity-tracking devices (e.g., Fitbit, etc.) with the Move. app. The app records activity stats like calories burned, heart rate, steps-per-day and more. Move. participants who log either 30 minutes of activity or 10,000 steps a day, for at least 12 days a month, can earn an incentive of $25 a month.

To sign up, visit

If you plan to use your smartphone and would like additional instructions on how to join, view the smartphone app user guide. Participants who would like to use an activity tracker can find more sign-up information in the activity tracker instructions.

Eligibility Information – Please Read!

University of Colorado, UCHealth and CU Medicine employees and retirees who are the primary member of a CU Health Plan account (e.g., Exclusive, Exclusive2, Kaiser, High Deductible/HSA Compatible, Extended or Medicare) are eligible. Once your medical insurance enrollment is processed you will eligible to receive Move. payments. Processing typically occurs on the 15th of the month in which your paperwork is submitted.

Dependent spouses, including dependent spouses who are also employees of the University of Colorado, UCHealth and CU Medicine, and dependent children are not eligible at this time.


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