Biometric Screenings

It’s hard to say what good heath looks like. Your physical appearance is only part of the picture and you can’t necessarily tell how healthy you are just by looking in the mirror. Get the full view for a better you. Take advantage of a free biometric screening.

A biometric screening evaluation can give you crucial data about your risk for chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension by measuring physical characteristics such as height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose. Combined with quality health education, the screening experience can be a powerful tool to help you make positive lifestyle changes.

With My Health Connection, you can track year-to-year progress and make goals for personal improvement.

For the primary CU Health Plan member and their covered spouse, this benefit is completely free and includes a free full lipid panel, blood glucose testing and body composition measurements. Screening dates vary by employer. View the full schedule for time and location details (coming soon).

All participants are entered into a raffle to win a free Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender.

Para información de resultados de su examen, por favor vea la versión de explicaciónde exanimaciones en español.